Saturday, January 24, 2009

A New Year, A New President - what will God do next

Since the inauguration I have been numb to politics. It is an amazing thing that we now have a black president (can I say that?). I am in awe over that whole issue and how far this country has come. But I am very opposed to what he stands for and already he has made changes that have caused me to cry:

I am avoiding the news because I feared exactly what he has already done and will continue to do. I am simply praying for mercy for him and our country, for our children and generations to come. It all just breaks my heart and yet I see on facebook and other blogs how so many people are "thankful" and "happy" about our new president. I wanted to share an article by John Piper regarding this same issue. What he wrote is exactly my sentiments. Here you go, it's not a long read and if the link does not work the article is at entitled, "The President, the Passengers and the Patience of God":

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lauren w said...

hey Rachel! fun to see your blog! i love that you think i might be an expert cook- even good enough to make her own stuffed olives- but i am about as beginner as they come. i just learned you can cook chicken by boiling it if that tells you anything! i can't think of the brand name of olives but it's real common and starts with an M, maybe Marzzoi's??