Sunday, March 29, 2009

God's Grace and His gift I was blessed with

I sent this e-mail to my sweet sister in Christ Becca after she forwarded me a story on abortion and I wanted to share. (The link to the news story is at the bottom of the page.)


This past week God has done a major work in my heart regarding abortion. For years I was angry and hateful in my heart towards women that have had an abortion. I even said to a very close friend of mine last year (knowing she had had 2 abortions) that, "I would kill myself if I had an abortion." I had no compassion for them, yet I see women all of the time in our ministry that have had an abortion. Just two months ago at our leadership meeting I asked what to say to women like that because I said, "I've never had an abortion." My heart was hardened and this past week God did some pruning! I confessed in my heart of the anger and bitterness, I learned more about abortion and learned that abortion is not only a great act of violence on the unborn but ALSO on the woman herself. A lot of times they LIE to them and tell them it won't hurt, that the fetus is a "blob" and they will walk away with no ill effects...all lies! So I've done a complete 180 in regards to this, on Saturday at my women's group I opened up about my week and I completely broke down in tears because my friend (that I had said those insensitive words to) was there! I was planning on apologizing to her this next week but God arranged it to where I could say I was sorry to her on Saturday instead (in front of all of my friends). It was incredibly healing (and even more humbling)! Another thing is there was an abortion retreat this weekend for our church, for women to get healing on abortion (I did not know that until Saturday)! I'm not sure if I've shared this with you but I have the gift of intercessory prayer, often I will wake up in the middle of the night and pray for someone that God has brought to my attention, I pray in the car, I pray in the shower, often when I'm alone I'm praying for others that God burdens me to pray for. Anyway so, long story long, when you sent me this link I almost fell over! I've been praying for this abortion issue all week and all weekend long. Not really knowing how to pray; how do I pray for the 4,000+ women that will have an abortion every day, how do I pray for our politicians and president to see the absolute heinousness (and ridiculousness) of this, so I prayed in tongues even when God prompted me cause my heart is willing but my spirit and my mind don't know how! It's been a very heavy week to say the least. So upon getting this email it's just confirmation to me that I'm being obedient to God's call, and just more information on how to pray, who to pray for (I can pray for this man, Irving "Bud" Feldcamp).

Thanks friend! God is sooooo good!

Love ya!


PS When I came to your house on your b-day it was another reminder of the abortion issue, upon seeing your children and what a blessing they are and how the world makes children seem like a burden and how they take better care of dogs and cats with unborn than they do women!!! It makes NO sense to me. :-(

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ABORTION MILL OWNER'S FAMILY TRAGEDY - The tragic plane crash into a Montana grave yard that killed three entire families this past week, has received widespread attention and sympathy. What is not mentioned is that the plane was leased by one of California's largest operators of abortion clinics. The owner of the abortion company often let his family use the plane for pleasure trips, and when it crashed last week he lost two daughters and five grandchildren. The plane crashed into a Catholic cemetery, very near a monument to the victims of abortion.

Monday, March 2, 2009

5 things

1. I have a tummy ache just now, these pantothenic acid (dissolve fast) vitamins do that to me about once a week, thanks tummy...trying to be healthy here!

2. It's been a rough day, very stressful and I need way more of Him and way less of me.

3. I am closer to picking out curtains for my living room, did you know interior decorators charge the same amount for curtains as it does to pay a down payment on your first house (about $5,000)? No thanks.

4. I got to spend my anniversary with my hubby, we went to CPK (no not KFC that's CPK) and watched half of "Confessions of a Shopaholic". I will explain some day...

5. Every where I go in this house...there are my cats; they really do love me and who says cats don't love unconditionally like dogs do? Mine sure do.

6. Wait I have one more thing: I found out today that I get to have a mammogram now, oh joy.

Here's a photo cause I know peeps like photos and I'm gonna try and be better at this. It was a painting I did one day, I was just messing around. I like the tree how it's needing the light from the sun. I know it's a different painting but...what are your thoughts?