Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nasty Pig

No I'm not blasting a person here. I'm talking about pork, what they call the other white meat. Yeah right, fat chance (no pun intended...seriously). My lovely other half and I went to Dickies the other day to enjoy some Sunday afternoon BBQ. Something most all people do in the south. Well I made a mistake, a REALLY BIG mistake. I ordered pork, pulled pork is what they call it. It looked more like grissely, fatty, chopped up blob of yuck is what it looked like. Why I chose to actually EAT it I'll never know. There's a verse in the Bible that says something like if you want to indulge in sin God won't stop you, he'll just say go right on ahead because we do have a free will. Sorry I don't know the exact reference but hopefully some of you know what I'm referring to, and if you do know the verse please share. Anyway so I went ahead and ate the junk, not sure why...oh wait I alrady said that. No I know why, it's because I'm selfish, and foolish and I ignored every warning God was giving me at the moment to not eat that. The dialog in my head went something like this, "but it tastes so good because it's pork afterall" and the voice said, "well but you will get sick" and I said, "no I won't because it will be fine" and the voice said, "but it clearly says in the Bible to stay away from unclean foods and pork is considered an unclean food" and I said, "well we're really not under the law anymore now are we?" And I chose the pork, and that is about how it went. I'll fast forward to the bottom line, if in doubt DON'T EAT IT; if it's pork, seriously don't eat it, and number one; if the Holy Spirit is trying to warn you of something, please listen, He does have your best interest in mind for you. Jumping back to what really happened afterwards? I was sick, very sick for about 12 hours and I knew it was the pork. I had a headache that is pretty close to the migraines I get once a month, no fun. And there is plenty of evidence to find on the internet about the correlation of eating pork and really bad headaches. So there, that's my lovely entry for the week. If you like pork and can eat it with no problems then my hat is off to you. But seriously, I'm gonna try and stick to that still small voice in my head and what the Bible says about what to stay away from. I've finally learned my lesson...and the hard way at that.

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