Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Simply Today

I love these kinds of blogs so I'm participating today because I love prompts:

Outside my window...birds are chirping (at least 3 different kinds).

I am thinking...I need to get off of the internet.

I am thankful for...my friends and silk long underwear that keeps me warm in the winter.

I am wearing...my pjs and a jacket.

I am creating...a couple of paintings, I need help with a color for one that is almost finished. I think the color is peach (from the original) but my art teacher insists it's tan.

I am going...to take Colin to CC's Pizza today, he gets out of school early.

I am reading...Running Scared by Edward T. Welch.

I am hoping...for my hubby to make a decision about gifts for the Adair family soon.

I am hearing...silence (the birds have already quieted down).

Around the house...dust bunnies are gathering.

One of my favorite things...an unexpected hug from my 11 year old and humility from my 16 year old and all of the laughs provided by my husband.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Yoga, helping to feed the homeless on Thursday, hang out with my kids cause they're out of school and mailing another package.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Leave me a note and tell me about one thing you are thankful for or one of your favorite things.


Anita said...

I'm thankful for my wonderful family. One of my favorite things is my wedding ring.

The Werner Fam said...

Oh, there are so so many things that I am thankful for but the first thing that came to mind was the fact that God loved me enough to pull me out darkness.

Danya said...

Congrats! Your name was picked in Patsy Clairmont's drawing.

Please contact me at danya@patsyclairmont dot com so we can mail you your book.