Monday, March 2, 2009

5 things

1. I have a tummy ache just now, these pantothenic acid (dissolve fast) vitamins do that to me about once a week, thanks tummy...trying to be healthy here!

2. It's been a rough day, very stressful and I need way more of Him and way less of me.

3. I am closer to picking out curtains for my living room, did you know interior decorators charge the same amount for curtains as it does to pay a down payment on your first house (about $5,000)? No thanks.

4. I got to spend my anniversary with my hubby, we went to CPK (no not KFC that's CPK) and watched half of "Confessions of a Shopaholic". I will explain some day...

5. Every where I go in this house...there are my cats; they really do love me and who says cats don't love unconditionally like dogs do? Mine sure do.

6. Wait I have one more thing: I found out today that I get to have a mammogram now, oh joy.

Here's a photo cause I know peeps like photos and I'm gonna try and be better at this. It was a painting I did one day, I was just messing around. I like the tree how it's needing the light from the sun. I know it's a different painting but...what are your thoughts?

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Caroline said...

Hey Rachel,

I really like the picture you painted. I tried to make it bigger, but when I clicked on it it just had an x...oh well... I love the use of color. It is very vibrant and the sun seems to float all over the picture and yet for how muc it shines, there are still puddles of water everywhere that are not dried up. And for as much water is around the tree still needs to be pulled in by the sun.

Do you think you were painting some of your life in this?? Just a thought...

love you,