Friday, June 27, 2008


Now I know what I can blog about and it will help keep me accountable!! :-) Last night at Recovery at the Village I picked up a blue chip. This chip represents my desire to get into better habits. It's also a confession of making poor food choices, well basically my sin has been gluttony and laziness. Mostly laziness because honestly I'd rather not put a lot of effort into what I eat, I am lazy. There, I said it. I have not been a good example for my family, I have been buying a lot of frozen dinners, ordering take-out and skipping meals or eating a sandwich or a granola bar for dinner. That's not good for my children to learn about how a mother should be, nor is it honoring to my body (God's temple right?). So tonight marks the first night of cooking for my family. I am making chicken spaghetti, no not the casserole kind but the almost made from scratch kind. I've sauteed my chicken, boiled the linguine and soon I will warm up the sauce (yes from a jar). Here's my first attempt at cooking for my family.

Oh and if you have any ideas about what to cook I'm all ears!

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Becca said...

Go here for some good ideas. :-)