Friday, June 27, 2008


I realize that my blog has been rather stale lately, I have been quiet and not because my life is quiet but because I am having a hard time knowing what to talk about. Knowing where to draw the line because I've been a bit too open before. Or maybe it's because my 10 year old son is home all of the time and the noise that is always being made in this house is a bit distracting. Hmmmmmmm......I'd like to talk about something good, something deep, something interesting and I think I've hit a wall. God is good, we had a great weekend last weekend. I think when I gave up leading a book study that the blessings came pouring over in abundance. God wants my heart here; my mind has been here, my body has been here but my heart has been outside of here. Towards friends and sponsees and towards church but not here. I think we always want something other than what we have. And it's a process of always turning your heart towards God and towards the things that He wants for you.

Anyway, what's been on your mind lately? If you have a blog I probably already know but if not please share.

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