Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dirt clods and begonias

Yesterday I went out and bought a small 6 pack of begonias. I usually resupply my pots in the back yard with new flowers this time of year. My hands are sore because the pots that were out there had this horribly hard, packed in almost cemented like dirt in them. I had to use a very sharp object to get the dirt out so I could replant. As I was chipping away at the dirt I noticed the stark contrast to the hard, one year old dirt and the fresh new bag of soil from Lowes. As soon as I opened the bag the heaven scent of dirt floated over my face and into my nose, that earthy, lush, life giving smell. I was actually tempted to take a bite and because I could almost taste it on my tongue and for a split second I could understand the children that actually eat dirt! Anyway, back to my story, the ashy like dirt was almost spiritual to me. Looking at that God showed me where I had come from and where I will return. He knew me before I was born, yet I am dirt and He sent His only Son to die for me. What a thing to ponder. And as I put the new dirt in the pot and my cute little begonia I was thankful for the beauty of God's creation, the smell of the earth, the details of the flower, the solid but dirty and old pot that made it through the winter without cracking and my hammering at it to get the old out. Just like we are empty vessels, full of dead old dirt clods until Christ comes along and fills us with His blood, His life giving blood that is fresh, and new, and beautiful for all to see. All because of Him I live...

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