Monday, March 24, 2008

If you're interested

This life as a Christian is so adventurous. I feel like I've only just begun in this past year. Although I'm sure I would have told you 5 years ago that I'd only just begun then. But this year I feel like I have been totally freed from religion. Boy is that a load off. I was too busy checking the boxes and making sure I looked good on the outside. I love to journal, I love to write my thoughts so I'm creating this to have another avenue to do just so. I've got a myspace account to keep an eye on Kayla's account but I just can't get into myspace. Blogger seems more my age, my speed.

Yesterday we went to my inlaws for the annual Easter Egg hunt. As my MIL was counting Colin's money she said, "oh I hope the Lord doesn't return while I'm doing this." And I said, "well what would He have to say about the eggs, the bunnies?" She agreed with me, it's all so far removed from the real meaning of Easter. None of us seemed to know where the egg myth and bunny myth came from and how it got integrated into Christ death, burial and resurrection. As I was worshiping at church yesterday I realized that this is the first year Easter felt like any other day. I used to put so much emotion into it, it even felt different, I felt different. And I realized that my walk with the Lord is ALIVE every day, not just one day a year. I didn't even dress up too much. I looked around me and saw so many people dressed up in their best Easter outfits. I hope I am not coming across as a righteous pharisee. I don't think Jesus said anything about our outfits, He was more concerned with our hearts. I felt at peace all day, I was so full of joy to just be alive and for all that He has entrusted to me.

Now today is another story. I have been to 2 different stores to try and find an Ipod Shuffle for Colin. With his Easter money he decided to get one of those. Then we went online to download some of his favorite songs. That was frustrating and I have not a clue about the computer most of the time! I had put all of Kayla's songs on his Ipod and had no clue how I did it or how to get them off. I asked Kayla to help me figure out the iTunes and when this happens I feel so old! Now here I am creating a new blog, half of me wants to throw the computer out the window and the other half loves to be able to do this! Life is strange, with technology and all.

Oh and I realized something yesterday as well. I am weird, well I knew already that I'm weird but weird isn't a bad thing is it? So if I'm weird that means that God is weird, that is if weird is OK and not a sin. What a funny thought that is, that God is weird. It almost sounds sacrilegious, does anyone know that answer to that? Actually I was just thinking, if you look at the animal kingdom, or the fish in the sea, there are some really weird creatures out there and yes God made them. So I think I just answered my own question! Tootles...

Jesus is my Savior
My help in all times of need
A forgiver of my sins
And a lover of my soul
I am in awe of His Glory


Sharon said...

I am so happy for your new found freedom! Free to be who God wants you to be. Free to no longer have to hold up the facade of society's expectations! Love ya!

David Baumgartner said...

Welcome tothe world of blogging--you're gonna love it!! I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts along your journey.

As far as your question if God is weird...that's the term I would pick (not that it's wrong by any means), but He is certainly unique and intriguing! He's more than we can ever imagine isn't He.

i also agree with you about this Easter feeling different--more casual and yet more intimate because it wasn't "special".

Keep up the blogging. (And if you're interested, you can visit mine at: . I'd love to hear from you there)

heather said...

Who decides what is weird and what is not anyway? What one person thinks is weird may be normal to another person. If you are "weird" I like your weirdness.