Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Pile of Rocks

I just decided to copy and paste what I had written back to my cousin David. #1 it's a good thing to post a reminder of God's goodness and #2 because I'm too busy to type up anything else that's going on because I really need to get out to the back yard and back wash the pool, and sweep my floor and empty the dishwasher and clean out the cat box and run errands and all of those lovely things that SAHM's get the privaledge of doing. Love you all!

Hey David,
Thanks for your comment, that was a nice surprise! Since I have a new laptop I haven’t visited your journal and I’m glad you reminded me where it was out there in cyber space.
Anyway, doesn’t it feel right to have a new Easter experience? I have a pile of rocks, well a small pile so far and because this Easter was so “non eventful” but special I added a rock to my pile. (God told the Israelites to get 12 rocks to remind them what He had done for them at the Jordan river.) So that is what I’ve been doing since January, only my rocks probably aren’t as big as their rocks were! So here’s how I do it, I write the date with a sharpie on the bottom of the rock, then I write the date and the significance in a notebook sitting next to the bowl of rocks. A constant reminder of what God is doing in my life. I think I just might make this my journal entry because I keep typing and typing and it only makes sense to because I don’t really have anything else to say for the day, or I’m too lazy to type anything else. But now you see why I think I’m weird. Anyway, thanks again for saying “hi”! God is so good to me!

Here's the link to David's online journal http://dbaumgartner.com/ if you're interested and like to read more online journals like these.


David Baumgartner said...

The rock idea is great...one of those ideas I wish I had thought of myself. So, I'm curious...give us an example of something you have on a rock? Are you going to go beyond 12??

Rachel said...

Hey David,

Yes I will go beyond 12 rocks. I will add a rock whenever God answers a prayer, whenever God frees me from an addiction or long time held bondage, basically those times that it is more than obvious God was there. Although God is in everything we are just too stubborn and stupid to see it most of the time. One of my prayers this year was a dating relationship my daughter was in. God broke that down the very next day! I also have a rock for one year being involved in Celebrate Recovery. No I'm not a drug addict or alcoholic but I have had years of food addiction, depression and fear. God freed me from those things and continues to humble me and show me my sinful ways. Currently I am struggling with pride and judgements. That's part of why I started this online journal, a constant reminder of what God is doing in my life. Does this help you or have I not explained it in the way you would need to hear? The rocks can look any way you like them too. I have a friend that says I should add a rock every time God shows me a sin I am harboring, but I prefer to add rocks when God has answered a prayer or freed me from bondage or given me a month of freedom from yelling at my husband or something like that. Because it's God that did it, not me, not my flesh because ALL good things come from Him. Does this help? :)

David Baumgartner said...

Sure does...great idea. You should have a huge pile of rocks in no time! =0)