Friday, April 25, 2008


The hits just keep coming, my 16 year old (baby right?) daughter has informed me that she wants to move out and she has it all planned. She said her friend, a boy, will be paying for most of her expenses and she will be living with a couple of other friends (delinquents probably!). We called our lawyer and he said two things about this. #1 is that if we "bless" the move out that we are still liable and responsible for her and if she does something like damages the apartment in any way that we would be responsible. #2 is we take a firm stand and say no you're not old enough to move out then if she moves out anyway that we won't be liable for something that she might do. We want to help her to not do something that will hurt her in the long run (like pregnancy or drugs, etc). But we also know that she's got to experience hard times to realize what it really is like to be an adult. We're exploring our options, looking into what is the best thing to do and trusting in God for the result. Everyone I talk to they say, "oh dear, you're in a bad situation, I am so sorry". And you know it feel surreal sometimes, I have let go of Kayla, placed her into the Lord's hands and I have peace. But it's still hard, I still get frustrated and irritated and angry. And God is still in control, He is still King and that is where I put my trust.

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David Baumgartner said...

Wow...makes me want to stunt my kid's growth! We'll be praying for but I know your heart is in the right place and you're trusting God to give you Solomon's wisdom. Let us know if there is anything you need (really!).