Thursday, May 1, 2008

No more confusion

I had an amazing time with the Lord a couple of days ago. I've been searching, praying and hoping that God would show me something I felt was pressing and important. These have been my questions to the Lord, "Is what is going on around me not OK or am I too sensitive, show me your thoughts Lord...?" He pointed me to Psalm 103. While reading I underlined all of the words that God is and what dh is not. This isn't a case of comparing him to God or to bash him or make him look bad, God was simply showing me how a godly husband should treat his wife. The first thing I read was verse 6 and in it David says, "The Lord does what is right and fair for all who are wronged by others." Then here are the words I underlined: mercy, kind, does not become angry quickly, great love, not accuse, not angry forever, not punished us, not repaid us, great is his love, mercy, a father has mercy on his children, Lord's love, respect and his goodness continues to their grandchildren. God was telling me through these verses that He's got me covered, He knows everything, He sees the wrong being done, He is right and fair and He went so far as to show me that my grandchildren will know of His goodness! He flooded me with truth all that day and He is with me today. Oh I pray that the scales will fall off dh eyes, that he will be repentant and humble. A good friend of mine said that even though I'm in the midst of a "tornado" to keep my eyes on Him, to rest in Him and nothing will harm me or my children or my dh. It is all for our good, even when it hurts.

Thanks for your prayers.

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