Monday, July 21, 2008


Do you ever have those times with the Lord that are so sweet, so tender and you want to hold onto it forever? Well I did just a couple of days ago and what I am about to share will bless some of my readers, others may not get it but if you just ask and give Him some of your time you will see, you will see.

I was crying out to God because I'm going through some more digging, letting some things out of the deep dark closet that I've not looked at very closely before or trusted God to carry me through. This will be the most difficult, at least it has been so far. Anyway I was pleading with Him to help me understand something, a loss I've experienced my whole life and I won't go into too much detail to protect the one involved. Anyway, I was laying prostrate on the floor in my bedroom, I needed a kleenex really bad cause I was crying something fierce and I remembered the hankies in my drawer. I'm a hanky kinda girl, whenever I see them or feel them I am reminded of my late Grandpa Weaver...he always had one in his pocket. As did my mom, it's probably a Weaver thing cause now that I think about it pretty much that whole family uses hankies. Anyway, I remembered them because while I was in GJ I bought some more hankies and that's what made me think of it. So I pulled a couple of them out of the drawer, used one beautiful hanky that is covered with red flowers (my favorite color). Then right before I used the next one I was asking God about the struggle I was having, asking Him to grant me what I've always desired. Then I needed the hanky again and I pulled it open from it's nice little fold and I looked down and handstitched on the corner was the word "HOPE". I had to look even closer because it was hard to read with my puffy eyes and tears plus the wording was a mixture of white and blue. As you can imagine I cried even more...and laughed. It was beautiful and so sweet and tender. The simple little word of "hope" was such a minister to my soul. I will never forget it. Here's a snap of my "rhema" word from God:


David Baumgartner said...

I know exactly what you are talking about! I have been learning to hear God in my walk with Him and the more I open up to hear Him the more He speaks in unexpected and amazing ways. Thanks for sharing yours! I can almost see God smiling in anticipation waiting for you to discover his word for you...He is that loving, creative, thoughtful, and loving!

Rachel said...

Oh yes, God is all of those things and more!

Carrie said...

Sweet Rachel,

It is good to hear you share. I miss seeing your lovely face on thursdays and hearing your stories. How are things going on thursdays? Are you still leading the a group of women through WH?

Die atwort zu deine frage, (es tut mir leid, so lange weg) ist, es ist 7 studen spater als dir.

Und ich leibe dich auch!
Viele Grusse!

Rachel said...

Well I'm still going on Thursdays but I'm going through TWH with one friend, all God told me I could handle. When are you coming back???