Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well we're back from our trip to GJ. That was a relaxing trip, it was one where I'm not sure if I slept more or talked more, both were pretty even. Marchelle and I had a great time catching up, talked about husbands, ex-husbands, children, relatives, girlfriends, work, school, kittens & cats, school, art, houses, the economy, cars, antiques, shopping, hair, tattoos, mullets, clothes, God, books...one conversation lead to another and to yet another. Then we would be tired and we would nap in the afternoon, not a bad time. I learned that she goes through one Bible every year, that she names all of her animals from the Bible (currently Azaria and another that starts with a T - sorry black kitty I just can't recall) and that there are actually cockroaches in Colorado (I won't talk about that one). Anyway, we covered it all and thoroughly enjoyed our time as sisters. What would you ever do without them??

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