Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vacations and School

I'm not really posting much today. I'm just here to say that we're gearing up for our trip to Key West, FL for next week. I've got to be completely ready for Colin's school because the week after we return he is starting school! So that means all of that running around, buying school supplies, uniforms, haircuts, etc. And I must do it before the mad rush gets out there. You know how it is, you're standing in a Walmart school supply isle, seeing that what you need is only 10 feet away but there are somehow 3 baskets between you and 10 people (short AND tall) and the ever coveted trapper keepers that you must have for school! You make your way to the trapper keepers when someone (who you didn't see before you launched) stands up and you have to vear to the left to only be greeted by little people running around yet another cart in the way! Oh so fun. So, join me to Walmart now when there is plenty of elbow and cart space or take a venture out in a couple of weeks when it is an absolute madhouse. Your choice. Love and logic, do you love me now?!

Bon Voyage!


David Baumgartner said...

You kind of glossed over the "Key West" part of your upcoming adventure! Sounds like fun...what's the story there?

Rachel said...

Well, I was hoping no one would notice! But you caught me, red handed. Now I'm just gonna have to make a new post because yes it's worthy of talking about. Sometimes I'm just lazy, I can write but I just kind of fizzle out. Usually when I fizzle out I erase the whole thing. But now you're going and making me do it. See I can't even write, going and making. That's not even good English is it?!