Friday, July 4, 2008


I just wanted to give an update on how I'm doing for meal preparation and following through on all of that. Since Monday we've only eaten out once, I've not heated up any frozen meals and I've cooked 2 meals and baked one item; Beef Noodles, turkey burgers and blueberry muffines (the healthy kind). Not bad for the first week. The rest of the time we have eaten leftovers, a big salad or cereal. Oh but today I did buy a bag of white Mrs. Baird's donutes for Colin. The hardest part for me this week was the planning part but after that was completed it made everything else fall into place.

On another note HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY everyone, I hope you all are out enjoying family, friends, good music and lots of sun and fireworks. Love you!

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Becca said...

We plan for eating out one night per week and that's worked great for us. We do the chickfila thing on Tuesdays when kids eat free. We bring it home, then we all play outside till dark since we don't have to stress over cleaning the kitchen. :-)