Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Round Up & tooth trauma

Here's a round up of my day, in case you're interested.

6:00 AM, woke up, put on my flip flops and drove Brian to the airport

6:45 AM, returned from home and tried to get some more sleep...that didn't happen

7:25 AM, back out of bed again, dressed and made myself presentable

8:00 AM, talked to the "Handy Man" about our latch on the pool equipment fence (it was sticking or not closing altogether)

8:10 AM, drove Kayla to school, it's raining and she was wearing a long skirt

8:20 AM, back home again

8:45 AM, Handy Man is finished with job, we check it and I pay (choke) the bill

9:00 AM, ate breakfast of 2 pieces of french toast

9:30 - 10:30 AM, a bit of a blur of this hour but I think it had to do with laundry and phone calls

10:45 AM, drove to a doctors office in Denton to see about getting my tattoo removed (this is a story that if you know me well you know this story, otherwise it's a boring story and you probably don't wanna know anyway)

11:15 AM, ran into the doctors office drenched because it was pouring rain

11:45 AM, saw the doctor, she seems competent and nice and a pretty good price for the procedure

12:00 PM, ran back to my car after my appt. in even more pouring rain and even more drenched than the time before!

12:30 PM, dropped off a Netflix movie in the P.O. slot and got even more drenched again!

1:00 PM, quick lunch with Colin, check e-mails, make more phone calls

1:45 PM, drove to Lexus to have them fix a few things on my car (they have a carport, yahoo!)

2:45 PM, back home again

2:45 - 3:45 PM, a little bit of house cleaning, called a friend and then left to get Kayla at school

4:15 - 4:25 PM, waiting to get in line in front of the school to pick up Kayla - boy is it ever a mad house!

6:45 - 11:30, as I was typing this around 6:45 Colin was outside riding his bike, he'd only been outside for about 10 minutes when I saw one of the neighbor boys running across our front lawn yelling, "I'll tell his mom!". Right away my stomach sank, I knew that wasn't a good sign. So I ran outside to see what was the matter and Colin was lying face down on the street with blood coming out of his mouth and he was crying. A mothers worst nightmare come to find out he had busted out his front tooth riding on his bike. He slipped in water and came crashing down, on his face. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I still can't get the images out of my mind. As neighbor A came outside I asked her to look for the tooth. Then we rushed inside our house and put a cold pack on his mouth and tried to stop the bleeding. I paged the dentist and tried to calm Colin at the same time. Neighbor A found the tooth and brought it to me and told me to put it in milk. Then neighbor B came by to see if she could help, I told her yes, right before she came I called 911 because after the 2nd try of paging my dentist they never called me back. So in came the paramedics with their gurney and equipment. I believe it was 7 of them, all there to help. Then a friend of mine came over, she was already on her way. We were told by the paramedics that the best place to go was Children's Medical Center in Dallas because they would have everything we needed there; it's hard not to think about money but I was the whole time since we have a very high deductible and no other benefits. Neighbor B was kind enough to drive Colin and me to Children's while my friend stayed at my house to take care of things there and to pick up Kayla from work later that evening. We only spent a few hours at the ER, apparently an injury like that gets high priority with the doctors so you get seen right away. We got home around 11:30 pm, Colin fell asleep right away but I wasn't able to sleep until 2 or 2:30 in the morning. I would rather face a broken bone, the flu or anything else accept this. This was by far the most traumatic thing both he and I have ever been through, and hopefully (prayerfully) the last. Now it's 2 days later and I still feel a little bit in shock. Colin is back to his old self except he feels self conscious and doesn't want many people to see him. I will keep an update on the procedures and all that happens. As I was going through that trauma I was thinking about how God was there at every step of the way. I trust Him and His plan, there will be good to come from this I just don't know yet. But I had so much support, with my neighbors, my friends, family and the paramedics. I felt surrounded by love, care and support. Brian felt absolutely helpless being in Phoenix during this time, he badly wanted to be here and offered to come home. It has been rough and I have questioned God and why He allowed this to happen. I am feeling a bit discouraged and down but I know this too will pass. I think about the soldiers in the war and how much trauma they have to face. Well for whatever reason this did happen and I trust in the good Lord for everything.

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